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Website design, media, animations, print and television commercials for the Sacramento area. From mh2 media.


Television Commercial:


Project: VoteKerriHowellScreen shot of TV commercial produced in Sacramento area for Kerri Howell by mh2 media

Services: Design, animation, media buy, copy, direction, editing - everything except the voice-over

Location: Folsom, CA

Description: Kerri Howell was facing a tough reelection. The reelection comittee was trying to had elected to do a hard copy mailer and asked mh2 to handle the job. We mentioned that, when the target area is specific enough, a mailer can cost almost as much as a television commercial.


After running the numbers the committee agreed that it was worth a look. It was also a first for a local election – no one had ever run a television commercial. We got a lot of positive comments on the commercial. And Kerri Howell won here reelection bid.


You can view the lowrez commercial on YouTube or on




Project: HP/ProCurveHP/ProCurve Flash design/programming  by mh2 media

Services: Design, animation, coding.

Location: Sacramento, CA

Software: Adobe Flash, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth.

Description: Worked on various projects over the years for HP and, before they were absorbed, ProCurve. There were many banner ads for websites but there were also several stand-alone CD/Kiosk type of projects. These projects were done before the rise of the iPad so most were done in Flash.


You can view a small sampling of the projects here.
*Warning: requires Adobe Flash plugin.





Many more examples on our home page.


Site: mh2 media was contracted to do a total revamp of an existing website. Their hits increased over 300% in the first six months.

Status: Active

Services: Design, Flash animations, Javascript, Graphic Design, database management

Location: Grass Valley, CA

Description: mh2 media was asked to do a total redesign of this website. For years, amvic-Pacific had struggled with their website. The owner was doing it himself and had built a sizable audience but was spending way too much time on the website instead of focusing on his business.


mh2 took over and redesigned the site based on their three main target clients and an eye toward the search engines, The site has increased the number of unique visits over 300% in the first six months.



Site: mh2 meda did the web coding, logo design and flash animations.

Status: Active

Services: Coding, hosting, Flash animations

Location: New York state.

Description: MRS Records is a group of women who perform under the name, Out Of Sink. They started their own record company, and with the help of John Patitucci, (world-famous jazz bass player) produced their first CD, Hush.


The CD is all original lullabyes composed, produced and recorded for MRS Records.


mh2 media was contracted to do the coding of the site including all the Flash animations, back-end for the administration of the site and the concert calendar as well as web hosting. mh2 also did the Out Of Sink logo.


Site design/layout and the MRS logo was by We host his website too!




Site: asked mh2 media to design their site.

Services: Design, hosting, Asp.Net, CSS, SEO, Graphic Design

Status: Active

Location: Folsom, CA

Description: Atlantic Consultants needed a website. The business had expanded to the point where they could no longer exist without one. They asked mh2 media to help. We developed a CSS layout that is fully compliant with modern web standards.


We were also tasked with optimizing the site for search engines.

mh2 media also hosts their website on our server.


We also designed their business cards, letterhead and corporate literature.




Site: votekerrihowell.comkerri howell website design

Services: Design, Flash animations, hosting.

Status: Active

Location: Folsom, CA

Description: Kerri Howell needed a website for her campaign to win reelection to the Folsom City Council. mh2 was tasked with designing a logo and banner to match materials from her previous campaign. We designed her website, including search engine optimization, built a Flash animation for the front page and a contact page for her constituents and designed a mailer that was sent to voters in Folsom.


 And, yes. She won.




 Search Engine Optimization:



Site: Search engine optimization by mh2 media

Services: Search engine optimization

Status: Active Description:

Location: Sacramento, CA

SEO only.

Description: Helped David Phillips identify keywords and optimized for those keywords. Researched his keywords showing him number of hits for the words he had identified. He was surprised to learn that many of the keywords he thought were important to his success were not being used by the public in searches.



Site: Search engine optimization by mh2 media

Status: Active

Services: Search engine optimization

Location: Sacramento, CA

Description: The Greater Sacramento Certified Development Corporation (GSCDC) had a dilemma. Their website had just been awarded a Dottie award for design, but it wasn't bringing in any leads. They were not being found in the search engines and contacted mh2 media to help get better rankings. Using the keyword phrases, "SBA loans in Sacramento," "SBA loans in El Dorado County" and "SBA loans in Yolo County," mh2 media positioned their site focusing on Google. The GSCDC was concerned about getting too many hits to their website if they just used SBA. They are only allowed to provide loans in certain areas and didn't want visitors from all over the U.S. The results? Currently, the GSCDC is ranked number one on Google for each of their key phrases.


By carefully listening to the GSCDC, mh2 media was able to position their website exactly the way they wanted. Their award winning site is now functioning the way they want — and bringing results.  Herman Miller distributor, Miles Treaster & Associates. Search engine optimization by mh2 media.

Status: Active

Services: Search engine optimization

Location: Sacramento, CA

Description: Miles Treaster & Associates is the premier office furniture store in Sacramento. They specialize in design, planning and are the local Herman Miller distributor.


They didn't want to redesign their site, but weren't satisfied with the results the site was bringing. After a couple of meetings, we narrowed the focus of their keywords and came up with two that were descriptive of their business and identified their target market: "Office furniture in Sacramento," and "Herman Miller furniture in Sacramento."


Focusing on Google, mh2 media was able to bring in a number two ranking for office furniture in Sacramento and a number one for Herman Miller furniture in Sacramento.